How does work?

It only takes a few minutes to make your next meeting more interactive, engaging and successful!

Easy-to-Create Surveys

  • Simply create an account
  • Enter the date, time, name, and other details of your event
  • Select the package needed for your event size
  • Create your survey questions and response options
  • Select the display preferences for your results. There is a special live survey results page in your account that you will display at your event.
  • Share the unique event code assigned to your event with your invitees, along with the request to download our free mobile application, available on Apple, Microsoft and Android platforms.

Attendees Use Their Mobile Devices to Respond

  • Meeting attendees use the mobile app & event code to access survey
  • The survey questions are not accessible until the Event Planner launches the survey and questions are then available only one at a time

Presenters Share Live Survey Results

  • Survey results are illustrated using pre-configured visualizations (graphs, charts, etc.)
  • There is an option to have results refresh as responses are submitted

Use Social Media to Leverage Events

  • Meeting Planners select social media preferences when building their events
  • If Twitter is selected, Twitter hash tags are entered
  • The mobile app gives Meeting attendees the option to login into their Twitter and Facebook accounts if social media preferences have been selected for the event. Logins then generate the attendee's Facebook posting or Tweet (with event hash tag included) for each survey question response.